Research Proposal

The submission of your research proposal marks an important step in any researcher’s career, acting as the foundation for approval into a research program. Some higher education courses require a well-crafted and convincing proposal as part of the application process. With such a large amount of importance attached to this […]

Choosing a Topic for Your Dissertation or Thesis

If you have ever wanted to bang your head against a table while struggling to find a topic for your project, don’t worry: you have company. Sometimes it feels like winning the lottery is simpler than finding the right topic. But although difficult, it’s not impossible and we have some […]


When running a statistical analysis, it is very likely that you will stumble across terms like ‘ordinal variable’ or ‘nominal variable’. While many of us have a basic idea of what the different types of variables are, the nomenclature can get confusing. Before embarking on your research journey, selecting your […]

statistical tools

Selecting the appropriate statistical tools (eg. Correlation, Regression) for the data you have collected can be a complicated task. However, once you understand the nature of your data, the way you wish to present it and the type of results that you require, selection of the tests that you need […]

Tips For Successfully Completing your PhD– Part 2

Now, I’m going to talk about one of the crucial aspects of a PhD student’s life, a supervisor. Supervisors help guide students through their PhD journey, helping students in many ways. They can provide advice, help you access labs and equipment, help you network and provide valuable letters of reference. […]

Introduction to PhD Research

At some point in your life, you have almost definitely been exposed to research, specifically PhD Research. Advertisements that tell you the percentage of customers that prefer a certain brand are a result of research, just like scientific articles that discuss the Big Bang. Although they involve different processes and different […]