Tips For Successfully Completing your PhD – Part

Writing a research paper may appear daunting and remain unfinished for months. The task of writing is not as stressful as it seems. This workshop on research paper writing will make the entire process of writing an interesting and a rewarding experience. This workshop will help you to communicate your […]

statistical tools

Date: August 28 & 29, 2020 (3 pm to 6 pm) Venue: ZOOM Statistical workshop to overcome the fear of statistics, learn the basic tools and feel confident of analyzing your own data. No difficult-to-understand jargons! Simple language for anyone to understand and apply the techniques taught. Why this course? Knowledge is […]

Art of Thesis Writing

Workshop for researchers pursuing PhD & Masters Venue: ZOOM Date:  AUG 8(Saturday), 2020, 2 pm to 5 pm Registration: Rs. 500 per person Writing a thesis can be difficult. No one knows your research better than you do, which is why it can be tricky to explain your findings in […]