Why pursue a DBA or a PhD

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DBA or a PhD?

DBA and PhD: DBA is a doctorate degree in business management, while PhD is a doctorate degree in Philosophy.

Subject: DBA is business-orientated course, whereas PhD degree can be achieved in any field of education.

Scope: DBA is an applied program because it focuses on applying in real-world business problems. PhD program is theoretically based where novel approaches are identified through gaps from exiting literature.

Course type and duration: DBA courses can be taken either on a part-time or full-time basis while PhD programs in most of the fields are only accessible full-time. Typically DBA program takes longer duration (3-6 years) to complete compared to PhD program (4 years).

Funding and Tuition fees: Most PhD programs have funding support available while it is difficult to obtain for a DBA program. DBA course is almost three times more expensive than a PhD program.

Prerequisites: To enroll into a DBA program, prior work experience is mandatory while it is not required for admission to a PhD program. However, a master’s degree is mandatory for PhD programs and having publications in journals may be a plus while applying for a PhD program.

Career opportunities: DBA holders mostly seek for professional jobs in higher management field with the goal of eventually leading an organization as a CEO, COO or CMO. They may also pursue consulting roles. Individuals who are interested in academic or research mostly pursue PhD.

Salary: DBA holders typically earn more than PhD holders since they work in higher managerial positions.





Doctorate in Business Management

Doctor of Philosophy

Field of specialization

business-oriented course

Any field of education

Research Scope

Practical application

Theoretical application

Course Availability

Part-time and Full-Time

Mostly Full time

Course Duration

3-6 years (Usually longer than PhD

Typically 4 years

Funding options

May or may not be available

Mostly available

Tuition fees

Three times more expensive

Less expensive than DBA


Prior work experience

No need of prior work experience but publishing papers will be an added advantage

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